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6" Removable Bollards

The best choice when a strong and durable removable barrier is needed. These bollards are perfect for public events and festivals or when temporary access for emergency vehicles is required.

Our removable bollard system comes with a heavy duty bollard receiver and lid that prevents obstruction and swing opens to allow for bollard placement and application of a padlock to prevent bollard theft. Each bollard comes with our receiver water drainage base allowing for displacement of any accumulated water and easy installation. The bollard receiver cap is fastened on with our unique design, allowing a flat profile and is built heavy duty to withstand even the most challenging traffic areas. No flimsy hinges that break easily and require expensive receiver replacement.

  • Primed
  • Painted
  • Powder Coated
  • Galvanized
  • 48" for 3 ft Above Ground
  • 60" for 4 ft Above Ground
  • Built-to-Order

  • Bollard: 6.625" OD, 6.065 ID, .280" Wall, Schedule 40 US Steel
  • Inground Sleeve: 7 5/8"OD (6.87" ID) x 12", Heavy Wall US Steel
  • 1/2" Thick Steel Receiver Cap
  • 5/16" Grade 70 Heavy Duty Fastener
  • Water Drainage Line
  • Welded Steel Dome Cap

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