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From intentional ram raids to driving errors, bollards serve to prevent vehicle damage to property and life.
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  • In-Ground Bollards

    In-Ground bollards are the most crash resistant. These steel protective posts provide the greatest barrier for vehicle protection possible. Our Schedule 40 steel bollards are painted or powder coated, placed in the concrete and filled with concrete to ensure the best protection while looking great. Bollard covers can also be installed on the posts to reduce the maintenance costs and increase visibility.

    Typical In-Ground Bollard Installations:

    • Storefronts
    • Drive-Throughs
    • Pedestrian Traffic Areas
    • Outdoor Seating Areas
    • Gas Stations
  • Bolt-Down Bollards

    Surface mounted bollards bolt to the concrete providing an excellent visual deterrent around equipment and high traffic areas. These safety bollards are ideal when you do not need crash resistance and are looking for semi-permenent placement and lower replacement costs. Excellent for use in warehouses and industrial settings to help prevent forklifts from damaging equipment.

    Typical Bolt-Down Bollard Installations:

    • Warehouse and Industrial Businesses
    • Around Equipment and Machinery
    • Trash Recepticals
    • Parking Garages
    • Direct Traffic

  • Removable Bollards

    Removable bollards are excellent for areas that often switch between dedicated pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic. These bollards allow for removal and replacement as traffic needs dictate. The sleeves are left in-ground for easy reinsertion. Each Removable bollard has a locking loop to allow for padlocks, ensuring your bollards are securely in place.

    Typical Removable Bollard Installations:

    • City Squares & Downtown Areas
    • Festivals & Events
    • Farmers Markets
    • Churches & Metro Area Businesses

Are You Prepared?

With today's hectic and distracted life-styles, more and more vehicles are smashing into storefronts, buildings and walkways than ever before. Businesses increasingly are facing risk and liability if they do not take steps to protect these areas from vehicle damage, whether intentional or accidental. Don't risk it, get bollards installed today.


    From pressing the gas rather than the brake to thinking the car is in reverse when it is really in drive. These types of errors account for more than half of all crashes (56%) into retail establishments. With store front crashes happening 60 times a day and killing as many as 500 people a year, it is easy to see why installing bollard barriers are an easy solution to protect your business.


    While less frequent that other causes for crashes, this is becoming a common activity. Whether using a vehicle to harm people or to break into stores to steal merchandise, criminals are targeting unprotected areas like gas stations, convenience stores, jewelry stores, wine and alcohol stores, events and festivals and more. Protect your merchandise from theft by smash and grab with bollards and ensure your patrons are safe from ramraids with bollards.

    Site: www.storefrontsafety.org


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Most people do not know what a bollard is but that is part of what motivates us at Bollards Plus, LLC (BollardBarrier.com). More than a protective parking lot post, bollards help prevent injury and death from storefront crashes while helping business avoid the costly risk and liability that comes with being unprotected. We are excited to be able to provide our protective bollard post products and services to businesses throughout the greater Houston area.

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