Bollards, which are typically steel posts, provide protection for storefronts, buildings and pedestrian areas as well as being a visual deterrent alerting drivers to areas of risk and proximity (such as drive-through lanes). From industrial warehouses to glass storefronts to residential areas, bollards provide an increasingly necessary protection given the increase in distracted drivers and theft by ram-raids.


Bolt-Down Bollards

Surface mounted bollards bolt to the concrete providing an excellent visual deterrent around equipment and high traffic areas. These safety bollards are ideal when you do not need crash resistance and are looking for semi-permenent placement and/or lower replacement costs. Excellent for use in warehouses and industrial settings to help prevent forklifts from damaging equipment.

Common Bolt-Down Bollard Applications:
  • Warehouse and Industrial Businesses
  • Around Equipment and Machinery
  • Trash Recepticals
  • Parking Garages
  • Direct Traffic
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Removable Bollards

Removable bollards are excellent for areas that often switch between dedicated pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic. These bollards allow for removal and replacement as traffic needs dictate. The sleeves are left in-ground for easy reinsertion. Each Removable bollard has a locking loop to allow for padlocks, ensuring your bollards are securely in place. Built heavy-duty for high vehicle traffic areas!

Typical Removable Bollard Installations:
  • City Squares & Downtown Areas
  • Festivals & Events
  • Farmers Markets
  • Churches
  • Parking Lots
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Inground Bollards

In-Ground bollards are the most crash resistant. These steel protective posts provide the greatest barrier for vehicle protection possible. Our Schedule 40 steel bollards are painted or powder coated, placed in the concrete and filled with concrete to ensure the best protection while looking great. Bollard covers can also be installed on the posts to reduce the maintenance costs and increase visibility.

Common In-Ground Bollard Applications:
  • Storefronts
  • Drive-Throughs
  • Pedestrian Traffic Areas
  • Outdoor Seating Areas
  • Gas Stations
  • Fuel Storage
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Centerpoint Bollards

These removable utility bollards are built for use around transformers. Centerpoint for example will call for these bollards to be installed around transformers or generators to protect them from vehicle damage while still allowing easy access for maintenance or replacement. These bollards meet the required specification for utility bollards and have special installation requirements to make sure they are operable.

Utility Bollard Specifications:
  • 4" GI Conduit Post
  • 5" GI Conduit Base
  • Angle Iron brackets
  • Duct Seal Available
  • Post be pre-filled with concrete
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Bollards Custom Built

We manufacture bollards and are able to build to whatever specs you have. From custom removable bollard systems to kiosk protection - we do it all. If you are working from a given set of plan details, send them over and we will get you a quick estimate. If you are not sure what type of bollard or barrier protection you need, give us a call and we will send out a tech to evaluate, free of charge!

Common Custom Bollards & Barriers
  • Semi-Permanent Barriers
  • Removable Bollards with Handles
  • Bollards with Chains
  • Concrete Bollards
  • Overhead Door Bollards and Racks
  • Bolt-Down Railings
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Are you Prepared ?

Bollards have been around a long time, protecting warehouse and industrial equipment from truck and forklift damage as an example. But now more than ever, bollards are necessary to prevent vehicle damage from distracted or impaired drivers to intentional theft via ram-raids. Bollards are now being installed in residential areas where homes, yards and family are at risk from drivers. What most people do not realize is just how often this happens everyday.

Do to the frequency and risk associated to vehicle damage, we aim to make bollards as heavy-duty and affordable as possible, enabling anyone to protect what is most valuable. Price should not be a deterrent for providing as much protection as possible.

From providing industrial strength bolt-down bollards for warehouses and industrial equipment protection to durable removable bollards for small to medium sized cities for protecting downtown areas. We work with many construction personnel, engineers and architects to fabricate bollards called for on projects across the United States. We also install throughout the greater Houston area as well as in the southern states for city planners.

Call us today to get a quote! We can work from your plans or send out one of our pros to provide a free estimate!