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6" schedule 40 US steel bollards. These protective security bollards are installed in-ground (in concrete, asphalt or soil) and filled with concrete during installation. Paint finish is commonly safety yellow, however we can custom paint to match any desired color.

In-ground bollards provide excellent and affordable security and protection from vehicles. From accidental driver error to visual deterrents for smash-and-grab theft, in-ground bollards provide both deterrent and protection for people as well as property.

The 6" steel bollards are the most common size and are used for applications ranging from storefront protection to building and equipment protection. If you are unsure of what size bollards you need or how many bollards are needed for your business, give us a call and we will send out one of our professionals to provide a free consultation.

  • Primed
  • Painted
  • Powder Coated
  • Galvanized
  • 5 ft
  • 6 ft
  • 7 ft
  • Cut-to-Order

  • 6.625" OD, 6.065 ID, .280" Wall, Schedule 40 US Steel
  • 18.97 lb per foot
  • Approximate concrete-aggregate (4:1) estimate per ft - 36 lbs (pipe only)
  • Common ABG (Above Ground) Bollard Heights - 36", 48"
  • Common BLG (Below Ground) Bollard Heights - 24", 36"

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