Removable Bollards

Built with top-quality heavy-duty materials, our bollards might be the last ones you ever need. Designed to provide a durable affordable alternative to expensive removable bollard systems. With heavy duty hinges and thick plates, you can count on these for years to come.

Example Removable Bollard Applications

Utility Bollards - Removable Bollards for Transformers

Many large utility providers like centerpoint call for removable bollards to protect transformers and provide easy access to equipment for maintenance or replacement, while still providing great protection from vehicle damage. Removable bollards are a great solution for anyone needing protection with the flexibility of accessing by vehicle when the bollards are not in use.

Event Bollards - Removable Bollards for Municipalities

From farmers markets to downtown festivals, protecting pedestrian areas has become a critical component for even the smallest cities. Unfortunately not everyone has the budget for high speed protection and solutions like parking vehicles to block access to areas is insufficient and costly. Our bollards provide a great low cost solution to provide added protection and visible deterrent for your downtown event areas.

Removable Bollard Sleeves

The bollard sleeve slides into the base unit and allows for locking. The bollard sleeve is made from heavy duty schedule 40 steel pipe and comes with a welded cap and lock hook so you can secure the bollard using any common pad-lock type lock.

Removable Bollard Bases

Removable bollard bases provide the thickest steel bases in the industry. These bases are over schedule 80 and provide exceptional strength. Additionally, bases are designed with a weep line to help water drain from the in-ground portion of the removable bollard system. Add to this the heavy duty (1/4" thick) locking cap and heavy duty hinge system and you have a very durable removable bollard base.

Lockable Removable Bollards

All our removable bollard bases come with a plate that hinges to a locking loop on the bollard. These plates are designed to take the abuse of vehicles driving over them daily when the bollard is not in place. This makes them ideal for cities or event locations that only need bollards on occasion and will not have them in place day in and day out.

Removable Bollard Lengths

Both the top (sleeve) and bottom (base) portions of the removable bollard system can be ordered in any length desired. Adding length to the base provides additional resistance and strength to system. Adding length to the sleeve improves visibility.

Removable Bollard Finishes

Removable bollard systems can be ordered in any paint color designed. We also provide options for powder coating and galvanizing. We do recommend galvanizing at least the base to ensure rust does not impact the performance of the system years down the road. We also recommend a highly visible paint option such as safety yellow.

Customized Removable Bollards

Have you been handed a drawing of the removable bollard but it does not match any of the pictures we show? Not to worry - we can fabricate to just about any spec. Send us your drawings or give us a call and we will work quickly to get you an estimate for the fabrication of your removable bollards!