In-Ground Bollards

Inground bollards, often mistaken as concrete bollards, are steel pipe bollards installed in concrete. When installed properly, they offer effective protection at an affordable price.

Example Inground Bollard Applications

Drive-Thru - Inground Bollards for drive-thru lanes

In-ground bollards are commmon for vehicle protection in areas such as fast-food and bank drive-thru lanes to prevent damage to ordering kiosks, ATMs, building corners and ordering windows. These bollards offer strength without impeeding in the flow of traffic or use of lane equipment.

Storefront Protection - Inground Bollards for Vehicle Protection

From smash-and-grab roberies to accidential driver error, the risk for businesses with parking spots in front of thier store has increased substantially over the past 5 years. Even stores with non-glass areas are seeing vehicle damage and theft. In-ground bollards installed in front of stores prevents damage, theft and protects lives.