6" Removable Bollards

U-Shaped Bollards

Utility Removable Bollards

Utility bollards (protective barriers) are built for use around transformers. Centerpoint for example will call for these bollards to be installed around transformers or generators to protect them from vehicle damage while still allowing easy access for maintenance or replacement. These bollards all come in a set spec and have special installation requirements to make sure they are operable.

We carry these bollards, made from 4" G.I. Conduit and 5" G. I. Conduit, in our regular stocked inventory and can also provide them with installation.
Not sure if these are the same bollards your plans are calling for? Send your plans over and we will confirm and get you a quote fast!
If you have different specs, send them over and we will get your a quote for custom fabrication!

  • 4" GI Conduit
  • 5" GI Conduit
  • 60" Removable Bollard Post
  • 24" Inground Bollard Sleeve

  • Bollard: 4" GI Conduit,
  • Inground Sleeve: 5" GI Conduit
  • 1 1/2" Angle Brackets
  • Can be pre-filled with concrete
  • Duct Seal available

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