Standard Bollards

Steel Pipe Sizes

Common bollard sizes range from 4" to 8" however this can be misleading as the sizes are actually "nominal". So if your plan calls for a 6" bollard, the actual outside diameter of the pipe will be 6.625" and is likely a schedule 40, which refers to the thickness of the pipe wall. When ordering just refer to the nominal size.


Most bollards are painted safety yellow, both as an indication of warning or hazard and to provide a high degree of visibility. We also paint to any customer's custom color needs. Just give us your color code and we will paint to match at no cost.

Steel Pipe Lengths

Most bollards range in length from 3' to 8'. In-ground bollards will be installed 2' underground and have 3' to 4' above ground. Surface mount bollards also are standard 3' and 4' heights are bolted directly to the concrete. We cut to order any pipe bollard lengths in case you need more height above or below ground.

Powder Coated

Powder coating is a low maintenance option to painting. It provides a clean finish that lasts longer than paint and requires less maintenance (most bollards need to be repainted every few years to prevent rust and keep them looking professional). Bollards can be powder coated in many different colors and finishes.

Common Installs

Bollards provide the most protection when installed in concrete but can be installed in asphalt or soil, providing much less strength. Trenching in concrete provides the most strength however most are installed in holes. Regardless of the equipment needed, we have it covered and install bollards through-out the Houston area.


Galvanized bollards are more expensive however the prevent rust and extend the life of the bollard. Bollards can be galvanized in any style but may have slight modifications to accommodate the process (like drain holes). Proper galvanizing requires that the bollards be blasted clean and hot dipped in protective zinc coating.

Don't become a statistic.

Businesses can no longer ignore the risk to life and property that comes with today's vehicle threats, be it intentional or accidental. Protect your customers and your business with Bollards. These bollards are the most common and affordable way to protect against vehicle damage from distracted drivers and criminal smash-and-grab threats.

Bollards Offer Protection

We see the stories in local and national news; Another store is smashed into and robbed, a driver puts the car in the wrong gear and drives into a store, someone intentionally drives into a pedestrian area. From lives lost to business damage and insurance challenges, businesses and even some residential homes are realizing they are at an ever increasing risk from vehicle crashes. As you can see from the statistics, these crashes affect all types of businesses.

One simple and affordable option is to install bollards but sadly many do not even know what these steel pipes, filled with concrete, are or how to go about getting them. For this reason, our mission is to help make the term "Bollards" part of the common dialect and to enable anyone in the greater Houston area get this needed protection in place.