Bolt-Down Bollards

Bolt-down Bollards, often called Surface Mount Bollards are a low-cost solution for providing a visual deterrent and alerting drivers when they may not see equipment or structures. These bollards are great for use in warehouses and parking garages, just to mention a few applications. They are inexpensive to repair and replace, making them a necessary safety protection devise for industrial use.

Example Surface-Mount Bollard Applications

Equipment Protection - Bolt-Dowm Bollards for Equipment Protection

Surface Mount Bollards (also called Bolt-Down Bollards) are commonly used in warehouses and industrial spaces for protecting equipment or racks from forklift damage. Many cities require gas related equipment, such as lines and meters or hot water heaters, to be protected from vehicle damage. These bollards are easily and inexpensively installed.

Visual Deterrent - Bolt-Down Bollards for Driver Safety

Surface-mount bollards provide a great visual deterrent that alerts drivers to areas that may damage their car or cause other traffic flow problems. These bollards are great for alerting a driver of where to stop a car before hitting a curb or object for example. Bolt-down bollards are the least expensive protection and are easily reset if struck.